I help founders of consumer brands reduce complexity and build faster on Shopify

After more than two decades running an agency, my solo practice now works directly with leaders of consumer brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

The expertise of a Shopify Plus agency without all the process

I bring a best-practice, goal-driven, “low-code” approach to strategy, design, and development on Shopify.

I help you build faster—so you can focus on brand positioning, content and storytelling, user-experience, product development, profitability, and growth!

Hi, I’m Galen King

I’m a designer and strategic advisor—and one of the original 12 Shopify Experts and Partners.

Since 2000, I’ve worked with 100’s of brands around the globe, helping to build successful ecommerce businesses on Shopify.

Truly am grateful beyond words for getting to work together. I appreciate how your thinking fuels my brain to think differently. You give a fresh perspective and it is nice to have and hear. It is not easy trying to get a small business off the ground, but when I have meaningful connections like this, it truly fuels my greater purpose which is to “embrace connections”.
— J. Perkins, Founder of Perkie Prints